I was born in 1980, in Sofia, Bulgaria, I am a journalist, editor, publisher and translator. In the late `90 I was active in the Polish democratic left and later linked up with the labor movement, particularly the biggest Polish labor confederation — The All-Poland Trade Union Alliance. Until 2012 I was the editor-in-chief of its weekly magazine.

Currently I am working as an editor and journalist for the Polish labor portal Strike and as a correspondent to the Bulgarian National Radio in Poland. In the summer of 2016 with a couple of colleagues from Bulgaria we have launched our new media project Baricada which provides news, comments, analysis and political critique from there. Quite recently a Romanian language version took off. We are preparing to open a section with texts in English.

Occasionally I collaborate with a small international network of left activist called the Socialist Network.

On this website you shall find a fair selection of my articles and analysis as well as short entries containing opinions, comments and various journalistic remarks. Also, I will republish pieces by my colleagues which I find interesting. The languages are: English, Polish and Bulgarian.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments of questions.

Please note all rights of the texts published on this website (unless stated otherwise) are owned exclusively by the Bulgarian publishing house Издателска къща “Барикада” ООД. Any republication without written consent from the copyrights holder will result in legal action.

Boyan Stanislavski